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Today, you get what you call glass bongs. You get wholesale bongs and pipe in bulk in a lot of bong markets all over the world. You get colorful glass bongs that not only help you getting high but also add to the beauty of your drawing room. Today, we would like to give you a few tips on glass bongs.

Tips you need to keep in mind:

Buying the right bong: You should always go for markets that sell bongs in wholesale and pipes in bulk. This way you will get hold of the best of pieces in the cheapest of prices. Whenever you plan to get a new piece for yourself, ask yourself some important questions. Will this be your personal piece or are you planning to share it with your friends? In such a case, it is better to go for a bigger size. Next, how often would you get time to clean it? If you have time, you can go for a fancy one. Last but not the least, you need to know what price you are going to pay. If you have a good budget, go for the expensive ones. They look good and have intricate art work on them.
The down stem of the bong: Every glass cheap bongs has a down stem. This down stem is ether attached or can be removable. If you are a bong person, you should be aware of how your down stem works. You should know the size of your joint, diffusion and angle. This will help you choose the correct down stem when you go shopping in wholesale glass water pipe markets. Besides this, you should also make sure you know about all the parts before you buy the bong. You can ask the shopkeeper to teach you how to use it in case you are a beginner. You can also go through numerous videos on YouTube. This will give you a clearer picture of how exactly it works.
Glass bongs are fragile: Bongs bought in wholesale and pipes in bulk can often be fragile. Though the products are made keeping in mind your needs, they can break when manhandled. Hence, you need to handle them carefully. Especially when you have friends over, and sessions going on, be careful to keep your glass bong safe in one side. It is always smart to buy glass Bongs with removable parts. This way, even if one-part breaks, you can just replace it and not the whole bong.
You should clean the water pipes carefully: Wholesale glass water pipes are used quite often by people who love smoking in bongs. Hence, if you are using something regularly, you should clean it often. If you don’t clean your bong, it will smell. Its quality would drop as well. Hence, make sure you clean the bong whenever you have time.

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